Mind wonders while my mind wanders
Name: JL Location: The Motherland of the Rising Sun; The W, probably spelunking About: Lover of sexy sisters, snazzy sneakers, and alliterations Well-known recluse Young with an old soul Fool for thought

Suijeneris:  stoop chillin…I’m more front porch chillin but tomato-tomato #summertime #BoJacksons

martin-luther-king by Black History Album on Flickr.
suijeneris:  I know I’ve said something similar before, but I appreciate photos like this that show my heroes as everyday people.  As opposed to always seeing him lively and vibrant during a passionate speech, Dr. King seems stressed or tired like an everyday, nine-to-five worker.  Makes me feel more connected to him and that I can somehow do the things he did.

“They Call Her ‘Coffy’ And She’ll Cream You!“  -Pam Grier, 1973
suijeneris:  every old head fantasy lol

vanity fair affair
suijeneris:  ya buddy